Thursday, March 15, 2018

War Porn: God Damn The Taliban Edition (07:54AM)

Featuring the A-10!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This Isn't The Radical Muslim Slasher We're Looking For (11:35AM)


News broke on March 13 that a Florida teen had been arrested, after stabbing to death his friend and attempting to kill his friend’s mother and another peer at a sleepover. The suspect confessed afterwards that he had recently converted to Islam and his beliefs motivated him to murder.

While the horrific violent act was covered by local news in Jupiter, Florida, and nationally March 14 by Fox News Channel, the big three networks have ignored the story thus far.

Florida’s The Palm Beach Post reported March 13 that “a Jupiter teen said his Muslim faith led him to fatally stab a boy on his 13th birthday and injure two others at a sleepover Sunday night.”

Maybe we need Koran Control? I mean not let anyone under 21 or stupid have Koran, lest they get silly ideas?

I'm just trying to help, its for the children and safety.

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Mega Space Force! (07:44AM)

Trump is going to create a MegaForce in space!

President Trump wants the US to have its own “Space Force” — which would be like the Army and the Navy, “but for space,” he says.

F*ck yeah!

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if we don't do it some other country will.
might as well be first.
as usual.

:: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder March 14, 2018 08:01 AM

Sandcrawler PSA: Entropy Still Acting on Stephen Hawking (07:10AM)

Stephen Hawking has passed away.


But don't be sad, it will take an almost infinite amount of time before entropy returns Stephen Hawking to his lowest possible energy state. At which point he will still be forever embedded in the cosmic background radiation of a future universe billions and billions of years from now.

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Maybe......he mistaken all along and ........Ex Nihnilo Nihil Fit?

:: KIM March 14, 2018 03:07 PM

Fate is a cruel mistress.
I want to believe that the damage he did to the reputation of science, and astrophysics in particular were not intentional.

:: JohnS March 14, 2018 11:15 PM

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Caption This: Hillary Spreads Edition (11:02AM)

Yeah I know the title is bad.

Fatwas will be issued.

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Maybe.....Hilary just finding out what people who live in Ghetto have know for Centuries........That drinking full bottle of Night Train or Thunderbird before noon give you big belly and make it hard to walk down flight of stairs........

:: KIM March 13, 2018 01:41 PM

Cankle Sores

:: Eric March 13, 2018 06:18 PM

Yes I CAN walk down the stairs! Watch me!

:: The Man from Athens March 13, 2018 06:44 PM

"You know the nearer your destination the more you're slip sliding away!"

:: Mike March 13, 2018 09:54 PM


:: Paladin March 14, 2018 09:18 AM

Monday, March 12, 2018

Tie Fighters! 100% Proof! (08:25AM)

Pentagon declassifies encounter with an Imperial Tie Fighter.


Was this an actual Tie Fighter? Some internet analysts say, "Yes!"

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That's why they let it go.

:: JohnS March 12, 2018 11:10 PM

Piloted by TK-421.

:: The Man from Athens March 13, 2018 10:37 AM

The two vertical bars on the sides are the F18's HUD, LOL...

:: fisht March 14, 2018 10:28 AM

@fisht: Those are super sonic tolerant solar panels!

:: Howie March 14, 2018 11:30 AM

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Trump To Meet Kim Jong Un (07:27PM)

Oh boy!

TOKYO — North Korea’s belligerent leader, Kim Jong Un, has asked President Trump for talks and Trump has agreed to meet him “by May,” South Korea’s national security adviser said at the White House Thursday after delivering the invitation to the American president.

Kim has also committed to stopping nuclear and missile testing, even during joint military drills in South Korea next month, Chung Eui-yong told reporters in Washington.

After a year in which North Korea fired inter-continental ballistic missiles capable of reaching all of the United States and tested what is widely thought to have been a hydrogen bomb, such a moratorium would be welcomed by the U.S. and the world.

Kim Jong Un “expressed his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible,” Chung said. “President Trump said he would meet Kim Jong Un by May.” Chung did not provide any information on where the meeting would be. In Seoul, the presidential Blue House clarified that the meeting would occur by the end of May.

Holy Moly!

Wait a minute, I have to go get on my bell bottoms and find my beads.

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The stick has worked.
It will be interesting to see what the carrot is.

:: JohnS March 8, 2018 08:30 PM

"Diplomacy" is why we got Hitler.

Woah Fat is just biding his time.

:: fisht March 10, 2018 01:05 PM

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Everyone Wave Buh Bye To Ali Muhammad Brown (08:47AM)

He's going to be taking a very long leave of absence.

A man who said he was pursuing "jihad" pleaded guilty to murder and terrorism in New Jersey on Tuesday and surprised prosecutors by admitting in court that he also killed three people in Washington state in 2014.


The man, Ali Muhammad Brown, 34, formerly of Seattle, changed his mind and pleaded guilty to having killed Brendan Tevlin, 19, of West Orange, New Jersey, as jury selection was under way in Essex County Superior County, the county prosecutor's office said. Then, without prompting, he admitted to having killed three other men in Washington — two of whom he said he killed because he believed they were gay.

"In his statement to the court today Brown admitted that the killings were a part of what he described as a 'jihad,'" said the prosecutor's office. He faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

All suffering is for the sake of Allah!

Hat Tip: Famous Islamophobe.

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Maybe ....Members of the Political Action Group "Fruitcakes for Islam"......feeling a little Sheepish now?

:: KIM March 7, 2018 01:10 PM

i remember the case when he was arrested,
and the general media silence. 
Had to visit Jawa to learn anything about it then,
and that still is true today.
Violent muzzlemen are a secret.

:: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder March 8, 2018 09:11 AM

Meanwhile at Pine View High School (08:36AM)

A teenager has been arrested for placing a bomb and the ISIS flag at his school.

ST. GEORGE, Utah — UPDATE: Police said a homemade explosive device was the item discovered in a backpack at Pine View High School Monday, that forced the evacuation of the school. Police said if the device had detonated, it would have caused significant injury or death. Police have a suspect in custody.

A warrant served at the home of a male juvenile, found materials consistent with the materials used to build the device. Police also said the suspect had been researching information and expressing interest in ISIS and promoting the organization.

What do we want?

Homemade Islamic Weapons of Mass Destruction Control!

When do we want it?


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He also tore up a U.S. flag and wrote ISIS graffiti on a high school in the city of Hurricane. Hurricane PD is saying they will charge him as well.

:: Six March 7, 2018 08:00 PM

Awww he doesn't get to be a martyr. Nor acceptance into heaven for killing infidels.
Looks like he gets to be one of the virgins.

:: JohnS March 8, 2018 08:35 PM

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Powder Terrorist Daniel Frisiello Arrested (12:29PM)

Lets go with the NBC story because its more fun.

A Massachusetts man was charged Thursday with sending the threatening letter filled with white powder to Donald Trump Jr. that sent his wife to the hospital — along with four other bizarre letters mailed to a California prosecutor, a law professor, a senator and actor Antonio Sabato Jr.

Daniel Frisiello, 24, was arrested after what prosecutors called "a textbook federal investigation" that traced the unsigned letters to him after he also ordered a "glitter bomb" for one of the recipients, using his own name.


Anyway there's a lot of things on his Facebook.

Like stuff he likes, Samantha Bee and the North Shore young Democrats.


And he was at the Massachusetts State Democratic Convention.


Update: Daniel Frisiello is also, apparently, a big fan of Bear Wrastling.


My eyes! They burn!

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Good thing he got caught before he started torturing small animals or dressing up as a clown.

:: epador March 1, 2018 08:24 PM

It would seem Mr. Frisiello has some, well, "unusual hobbies".

LOL !!! -

He's also a rabid anti-gunner, and has bizarre Peter Pan fetish.

Talk about a frakking weirdo!

:: Rolls March 1, 2018 10:14 PM

He looks like 'Drunk Uncle'....

:: Frustrated Teacher March 2, 2018 12:20 AM

The horde needs culling desperately.
It has gotten so bad I think many innocents will also be lost.

:: Kafiroon March 2, 2018 09:46 AM

Good thing you're not posting this on youtube or bully.  lol

:: Stanley March 2, 2018 11:34 AM

I did Stan.....

:: Howie March 2, 2018 12:21 PM

Typical non-morlity of the left. For them it seems harming people is OK if they don't believe as you do. Mass murdering Communists isn't taught in school (for a long time ?), but then left-leaning teachers/professors can't answer the guilt-by-association that would bring up.

Does anyone HERE think that eventually the SANE people in America will figure out that BANNING Leftists will be a far simpler solution to this escalating shit being perpetrated by these enemies ?


:: vrentvon March 2, 2018 02:54 PM

All these dem activists are bug house crazy and uglier than shit.

:: obsidian March 2, 2018 07:32 PM

But..but the majority of killings and terrorism in Murica are carried out by White, Christian, and conservative wingnuts. The Republicunts shouldn't be throwing the terrorism charge on the left. You're in the gutter fellas when it comes to carrying out mass murder attacks.

:: The Man is Back and Kicking March 4, 2018 09:55 AM

Message A Terrorist: Keyes Edition (11:47AM)

So it looks like Bernard is in trouble.

An American citizen from California who was radicalized by online propaganda traveled overseas to try to join a branch of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Libya, U.S. prosecutors said Tuesday. Bernard Augustine was jailed without bail on Tuesday during an initial court appearance in federal court in Brooklyn.


A few days before he left in 2016, Augustine texted an unidentified relative, "If I ever get lucky enough to live in the khilafah, I'll burn my own passport, lol," according to a criminal complaint. He made it as far as Tunisia but was detained by authorities there before he could carry out his plan, the complaint said.

Augustine, 21, is from the town of Keyes in California's Central Valley. His lawyer, Samuel Jacobson, declined comment.

Since he's being held without bail I'm not sure when he'll get a chance to read it but have a heart and message Bernard.

Also Bernard, Jihadology is not a site for terrorists its a site about terrorists, dumbass.

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Anyone else find it amusing the isis terrorist has a lawyer named Samuel Jacobson???

:: free` March 1, 2018 12:48 PM

Definitely, culling needed.

:: Kafiroon March 2, 2018 09:50 AM

For loosers, the grass is always greener ...

Canon fodder for the barbarians. I wonder if 2000 years ago young romans wanted to join the hordes ? Too bad this tard never got the chance to find out that the islamists don't supplie Two-ply and Lattes.

:: vrentvon March 2, 2018 02:58 PM

Muslima Pleads Guilty (09:06AM)

With Safya Yassin the term Muslima applies many times, not only is she a radical Muslima basically her username was Radical Muslima.....

A Buffalo woman accused of sympathizing with the Islamic State pleaded guilty Wednesday to two federal charges.

Safya Yassin, 40, pleaded guilty to two counts of transmitting interstate threatening communication at a hearing in the federal courthouse in Springfield.

Federal investigators say Yassin used her Twitter account to provide information she believed was from the Islamic State — an Islamist militant group also known as ISIS — including threats and solicitations of violence against law enforcement or military personnel.

So depending on how she's sentenced she could get out pretty soon. Each count carries five years.

Previous: Everyone Wave Buh Bye To Muslima aka Safya Yassin

Also: Lets dance!

Hat Tip: Intel Girl.

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That Safya biatch got the crazy eyes. (O_O)

:: Spiny Norman March 1, 2018 08:20 PM

Culling needed for both male and female.
Anything that thinks it is some other mental disease gender should be culled immediately.

:: Kafiroon March 2, 2018 09:53 AM

sympathizing ???

making threats goes a bit beyond that.

quotes much (to mark as ironic wording) ...

:: vrentvon March 2, 2018 03:01 PM

When Kim was young boy.....He have Gerbil......Mother Gerbil had same look in eye just before she eat first litter of cubs............

:: KIM March 2, 2018 03:19 PM

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Allowed on Twitter: Jew Hatred
Banned on Twitter: Exposing Jew Hatred on Twitter (Update: @canarymission Restored)

Twitter has suspended Canary Mission for, you know, exposing tweets where young Muslims Student Association members call for putting the Yahood in ovens, can't have that.

You know, people knowing stuff that other people say in public.

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i follow(ed) cannary mission.
they just reposted what other people
said about themselves on social media.

:: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder February 26, 2018 09:20 AM

Getting caught in their biased censorship - (islamist-brown-nosing simpletons who run twitter)

The pattern is well establish with these tech-weenies. Sane people should be taking names of the people responsible (siding-with/enabling the enemy) for future 'actions' .

:: vrentvon March 2, 2018 03:05 PM

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Where is Dr. Rusty Shackleford :Devil Will Do MeetBalls From UR Body Edition (02:47PM)

Rusty gets hungry, please go easy on him.

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Meatball Hobo should be glad
we are still in an age when people
call the police.  Not much longer.

:: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder February 28, 2018 07:58 AM

Maybe if this happen in Broward County ....Helpless meatball Chef have to watch while dirty hobo finish meatballs ......Then help himself to 6 pack of Montucky Cold Snacks from Garage Fridge.....While Deputy watch cowering behind dumpster.

:: KIM February 28, 2018 04:58 PM

I never did care for white sauce on pasta - but consider before Columbus&Co (early 15th century) brought tomatoes back from the New World, all there was was white (maybe green for variety ?).

Consider that supposedly before Marco Polo (late 13th century) there wasn't pasta either.

:: vrentvon March 2, 2018 03:09 PM

Monday, February 26, 2018

Utopia! (02:32PM)

Hat Tip: Russian Trolls.

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Trump beside starting the Hillary Espionage/Fraud/Bribery/Treason Investigation (which will include Obamas 'Watergate' coverup actions) should have an investigation into election interference by Soros (who must have spent alot more to pervert our elections) AND Obama's interference in Israeli/Netanyahu election.

:: vrentvon March 2, 2018 03:13 PM

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