July 14, 2007

Old Bin Laden Footage In New al-Qaeda Tape

More here at ABC's The Blotter.

Laura Mansfield, who was first to obtain the video, has once again pwned al-qaeda. The buzz has been that UBL would appear in a video. the footage appears to be old.

Via Laura Mansfield: Those are the words of Osama Bin Laden in a short clip from a longer As Sahab video obtained this morning by LauraMansfield.com.

The Bin Laden clip appears to be a short portion of an older video of the Al Qaeda leader speaking to his followers about martyrdom. There are no indications as to the date when the clip was filmed.

So it appears the Jihad supporters are going to have to groan again. This is the fifth tape from as-Sahab in just a few days. It seems very little truely new propganda is coming from iraq. The GIMF campaign to defend ISI was nothing more than old messages spliced together.
(click image for video)

It may be as-Sahab is trying to take the lead and make up for the propganda recent propaganda losses, they might be releasing everything they can ASAP because thye are under pressure. It could indicate an attack. Most likely it's just more terrorist rerun bull.

Embedded copy below the fold.

Update: Gateway Pundit has footage from an old message that matches the dress and background of the "new" tape. More here at Hot Air. You compare both the video from 2001 and this one. Same thing.

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